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What is FAB

Falls area Bicyclists is organized and operated to:
Engage in recreational cycling in various forms and skill levels.

Develop community and social activities around bicycling.

Advance understanding and recognition of the need for safer bicycling conditions among participants and the general public.

Promote the rights and interests of bicyclists.

Aid in the development and communication of educational materials and programs on bicycling.

Advocate as a citizen organization in local governmental processes to promote cycling, education and enforcement of traffic safety regulations.

Advance the bicycle as an economical, healthful and pleasurable means of transportation.

Why is FAB

The mission of the Falls Area Bicyclists is to promote bicycling in all of its forms and skill levels including transportation, recreation, fitness, sport, and social interaction.

Who is FAB

Falls Area Bicyclists is anyone who likes to ride a bicycle. If you are interested in cycling and live in Sioux Falls, SD or one of the surrounding communities, FAB is you! We encourage all levels of cyclists. Finding someone with similar interests and abilities is easy with FAB.

FAB Bylaws

FAB is governed by our members and operates according to our bylaws. Our bylaws are updated periodically. Any member may recommend a change to our bylaws. Recommendations are approved by the board and then submitted to a vote by our membership.


We are a 501(c)3 volunteer organization advocating for bicycling and healthy transportation in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

PO Box 91741 Sioux Falls, SD 57109

Tax ID (EIN): 88-3830763

Mail: info@fallsareabicyclists.org

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